30 Creative Wooden Furniture Ideas That Will Enrich Your Imagination


Creativity is born in the process of human labor. So are the carpenters. They not only make raw trees become useful items for people, but also beautiful and comfortable for each space. We gathered 26 creative woodwork ideas from talented carpenters that will help you expand your future ideas.

#1. Nice staircase ??#2. The Art of Woodworking#2.2  Beautiful#3. You Areall know I love building stairs. Their easy and turn out great! I don’t understand why more people don’t do it this way, no chance of over cutting the stringer.#3.2 This is some creative fuckery right here#3.3 So you’ve got the guys that get that this is a joke and laugh, the guys that don’t know it’s a joke and talk about how to improve it, but the scariest types of people are the ones that take a look at these stairs and genuinely applaud the exquisite craftsmanship#4. Someone actually thought they did a good job on the second one!#4.2#4.3#5. It was too hot to lay the 2×4 deck boards so we will get to that tomorrow! Hopefully have this wrapped up in two weeks#5.2 Hackers everywhere

#6. Although the home owner complained and tried to chew me down in price all because i swept the sawdust in his pool knowing full well it has a filter#7. That’s tight!#8. Try and pick it apart because it’s perfect .#9. Awesome ceiling detail done #9.2 by @eagleshavencustomhomes ??

#10. These are the kind of things that keep me stoked,I love this kind of stuff,don’t get to do it as much as I’d like. Feeling a little jealousFrom @lindopaul

#11. all to a wine cave. credit @archwaysandceilings

#13. Radius roof or woodporn what ever you want it call it ??????credit @shevcon_custom_homes

#14. One of the easiest way to hanging things…#14. Wonder what this is for ?! Table? #15. How would you even start to lay this?#15.2 how about this pattern?#16. Nice work!!??#16.2 Credit to @caledon_timberframes.

#17. I wouldn’t dare put anything on that truck bed!#18. I like the steps. But not so much the railing and spindles. Looks out of place.#19. Beautiful stair case#20. Awesome work by @blackforestwoodco

#21. Wow, crazy set up Credit @premierstairs

#22. That’s some great work#23. It looks awful.#24. What a cool shot? Credit to @bctimbers

#25. How exactly did that get done? Pretty amazing#26. Who is ready for the weekend? Who wouldn’t want one of these!
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