BTS: RM is the most popular in town because of Jin’s dazzling gift


It’s hard to go out without being noticed, but this comes with something that stands out like this!

Everyone knows RM BTS loves cycling.

He even wrote the song Bicycle

entered the last FESTA to express this passion.

As the psycho brother, Jin bought RM a bicycle for his birthday! RM was extremely excited to show off during the broadcast on his birthday.

Now, after using it for a while, ARMYs really want to update information about this car.

“Do you like the car Jin gave you as a gift?” – an ARMY asked.

RM replied that ever since he rode the car, he’d been stared at by people, but not because he’s the leader of BTS!

“Oh, hm. People started staring at it because it’s pink,” replied RM.

Everyone knows that Jin loves pink!

RM once said he prefers bicycles to the ddareungie (public rental car) that he used to use. It’s Jin’s gift again, so he really appreciates it. When RM dyed his hair pink, he must have matched his new car!


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