Jungkook Just Can’t Stop Pushing Jimin’s Buttons On “Run BTS!”


He loves to tease him.

What’s the point of having friends if you can’t annoy the heck out of them now and then?

Jungkook knew exactly how to push Jimin‘s buttons in Episode 154 of Run BTS! Here, BTS played a trivia quiz after rewatching clips from the show. This included scenes from Dalbang School, “lajibolala,” Red Light Green Light, and more.

When the staff asked BTS what the title of Jimin’s poem was in Episode 56, Jimin guessed the answer…

…but Jungkook wouldn’t let him have the win. “But it doesn’t count because he made it,” Jungkook said. “That’s the rule, right?” Jimin didn’t look too happy about this!

When Jimin guessed again and got the wrong answer, Jungkook couldn’t contain his laughter.

He practically cackled. The sabotage was a success!

Jimin came this close to hitting the Golden Maknae, and the fun wasn’t over yet!

Jimin correctly guessed the next answer (the width of Jin‘s shoulders), but he made the mistake of blurting this: “I was right next to him at the time.” Jungkook seized the chance to disqualify Jimin again!

The show’s editors sum it up best; the maknae lives to tease his hyung!


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