BTS’s Jin Made Arab Fans Proud With His Special Outfit


He sure knows how to show appreciation.

In an episode of Bon Voyage 4, BTS‘s Jin was spotted wearing a cute white hoodie that made him look exactly like his BT21 counterpart RJ.

And ARMYs — Arab ARMYs in particular — couldn’t keep their eyes off how gorgeous Jin looked in the outfit…

… because they were the ones to have given it to Jin as a gift, back in 2017! A Twitter account @arab_seokjin, as “the Official Arab Fanbase For BTS #WorldwideHandsome Kim Seok Jin”, proudly pointed out that Jin’s outfit meant quite a lot for Arab ARMYS…

“Jin wore a gift that was given to him by a group of Saudi ARMYs in 2017…”— Twitter @arab_seokjin

… and that Arab ARMYs were so completely touched by the fact that Jin has kept and worn these gifts over all the years.

ARMYs cannot appreciate this visual enough…

… and Jin’s good natured heart for valuing his fans’ support.

Of course, this is not the first time Jin made fans drop all their UWUs by making 300% use of all the gifts he received in the past. In fact, all BTS members are known to treasure their ARMY-sent gifts!