Here Are The Inspiring Reasons Why The Louis Vuitton Film Directors Loved Working With BTS


The staff are true ARMYs!

Earlier in the year, BTS wowed fans when they took part in Louis Vuitton’s Fall-Winter 2021 Show in Seoul. The members showcased their dazzling visuals in the brand’s newest range, and there was no denying that they slayed!

At the time, the attention was all on the visuals of each member. Yet, the event has been brought back to fans’ minds after the film directors for the event recently shared some behind-the-scenes information from the day in an interview with Elle Korea!

In the interview, it seems as if the directors were very excited as soon as they heard that they would be working with BTS. They also shared what it was actually like working with the members!

When it came to the concept of the event, Go Woon explained that it was so important to capture both the synergy of BTS and the Louis Vuitton brand, which initially caused some worry. Yet, as expected, BTS managed to put him at ease.

“The moment that BTS appeared wearing Louis Vuitton, all of our worries disappeared. I was genuinely overwhelmed. Their powerful presence filled up the voids.”

— Go Woon

It also caught the attention of readers that director Se Young added that there were actually ARMYs amongst the staff. With this, it made it a lot easier for the staff to try and fit the concepts to each member as they explained, “They would watch YouTube all day to understand each member’s individuality.”

After hearing the amount of work and research that went into each member, it is not surprising to see that each member was given their own moment to shine.

If that wasn’t enough, it seems as if the staff couldn’t be more grateful for the experience and effort each member put in during the event, especially due to the strict time constraints.

“They digested even the smallest details, whether it was the way they walked or the way they turned their heads. It was really well done. There wasn’t much time to explain the job to them exactly, but they caught on to the message that I wanted to convey.”

— Se Young

Although all of the members caught the attention of the staff, director Go Woon added that one member caught her attention straight away. For her, she explained, “In particular, J-Hope was impressive. I fell in love.”

As always, BTS continues to prove just how hardworking they are and that they can adapt to their surroundings even under strict time constraints. It also seems like every time they appear at an event or show, the staff involved have nothing but praise for the group.

You can relive some of the moments from the show below.