Media reports about BTS’s Jin constantly being in the Top 10 of most mentioned celebrities on social media


Korean media reported about BTS’s Jin constantly being included in the Top 10 most talked-about celebrities on social media. NetBase Quid is a consumer and market intelligence platform. Every month they release a Top10 of the most-mentioned celebrities on social media. BTS’s Jin proved his popularity by constantly being in the Top10 of the most mentioned celebrities. Moreover, he topped the list two times.

Back in May, Jin topped the list of the Top10 most mentioned celebrities during BBMAs. In July, he topped the list of the most mentioned people around New Music after BTS released Permission to Dance. Worth mentioning that Jin topped the list two times without having any solo projects going on.

In August, Jin occupied 5th place and 10th in September.

Finally, in the new Top10 of most talked-about celebrities of October, Jin scored 3rd. In the article, it is mentioned that Jin was the hot topic of the month because of his upcoming OST for the big drama “Jirisan.”

The article talks about Jin proving himself as the King of SNS by being on the list once again. Fans trended a congratulating hashtag on this matter.