Ugba Omelette with Dundun recipe


Ugba Omelette

The fact is that this recipe just goes to show that it has been tried and tested. It was such a pleasant surprise and the fact that a local food item can combine so well makes it all the more interesting. The taste of fermented Oil bean seeds reminds me of fermented cheese in eggs, but this is more flavorful and crunchy.

Again I feel so proud to have brought yet another dimension to Nigerian dishes and also expand the use of Ugba in addition to Ugba Purée sauce and other interesting dishes from this African legume. Enjoy today’s offering packed with lots of protein goodness.

How to make Ugba Omelette?


2 Eggs

1 tablespoon Ugba

Few Onion slices

Few Tatashe slices

Dried Pepper to taste

1 table spoon Vegetable Oil

Chicken Seasoning to taste

Salt to taste


1. Beat the eggs, add the seasoning, pepper, and salt

2. Heat the oil

3. Pour in the egg. Sprinkle the Ugba, onion, and pepper on top

4. To help the egg cook on top, I used a skewer to poke holes in the centre of the omelette so the heat can come through and cook the top of the omelette. Or you can turn the omelette on the other side to cook on top. Covering the frying pan with a pot lid also helps the egg to cook well on top that is if you don’t want to flip it over.

5. Serve the egg with hot  Dundun (boiled then fried yam) and some pepper sauce.